POUNCE® is Focused

POUNCE® is an easy-to-use, web-based system designed for service providers in the accounting, business consulting, legal and architect/engineer/contractor (A/E/C) industries. With POUNCE®, everyone in your organization can quickly access marketing collateral you need to assist you in business development efforts, such as professional resumes, industry experience summaries and service capability summaries. POUNCE® keeps it all in easy reach with your own custom-designed data searches and availability anytime, anywhere via your desktop or mobile device.

Features of POUNCE®

  • Sales Material Management

    POUNCE® provides a central location for current sales materials, catalogued by industry, service or other categories appropriate for your firm. Materials are accessible by all users and controlled by the marketing department to adhere to firm messaging and brand guidelines.

  • Experience and Qualifications Search

    Users can quickly and easily search for other professionals within the firm to find those with specific qualifications or experience. Powerful search capabilities are one of Pounce’s key features.

  • Sales Packet Creation

    With just a few clicks of the mouse (or taps on your mobile device), users can prepare a customized sales packet for prospects built with the selected relevant industry summaries, service summaries, and professional resumes and then emailed directly to the prospect through POUNCE®.

  • Mobile

    POUNCE® is accessible anytime, anywhere using any web-enabled device, allowing your team to put the right sales materials in the hands of their prospect before they even make it back from their meeting.

  • Resume Management

    POUNCE® provides individual users the ability to edit and update their own experience and qualifications to display on their firm resume.

  • Administration + Reporting

    POUNCE® allows administrative users to easily maintain, update and approve resumes and sales materials. Pounce’s reporting tool gives you visibility into the materials and resumes used most.

POUNCE® Benefits

POUNCE® can have a significant impact on how your staff communicates with current and prospective clients.

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Find What You Need

POUNCE® allows you to create search parameters and identify the most qualified team and targeted marketing materials. Resumes stay current since employees can easily update their information.


Centralized Control

POUNCE® enables your marketing team to manage brand and content consistency through streamlined administrative control features, ensuring all users access to approved marketing materials in one-stop shop.


Consistent Messaging

POUNCE® provides access to written content that meets your particular needs. You can search for specific parameters and locate current marketing collateral with the click of a few buttons.


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About Pounce

The development of POUNCE® was a collaborative effort between the practice professionals, application developers, and marketing team of Postlethwaite & Netterville (P&N), a top 100 U.S. accounting firm. With a small team of marketing professionals in a regional accounting firm of 450+ employees, we are always looking for ways to maximize our impact on firm growth and minimize time spent on administrative tasks.

As a CPA firm, the best avenue to explain how we can help clients solve their problems is through our professionals’ experiences and summaries of our services. As P&N grew, our experience and service offerings also grew, and it became more of a challenge to ensure everything was up-to-date and accurate. Additionally, younger professionals are conditioned to manage their own information online and expect information at their fingertips.

We realized we needed to streamline our process for managing professional resumes and sales materials, and provide our practice professionals with access to tools and materials to set them up for business development success. That’s why we created POUNCE®. Since our launch in 2016, POUNCE® has been nationally recognized as a simple-to-use, yet powerful tool for business development in professional services firms.

Here are a few examples of the recognition POUNCE® has received:

  • Leading Edge 2016 award

    Leading Edge Alliance 2016 Innovative Firm Initiative

  • Digital CPA Innovator

    Digital CPA 2016 Innovative Practitioner of the Year

  • Accounting Today Top New Product

    Named one of Accounting Today’s 2017 Top New Products

Today, the POUNCE® team is on a mission to help empower marketing professionals and technical professionals alike in the accounting, legal, and A/E/C industries in business development and firm growth.

Our motto? If you see an opportunity, don’t wait. POUNCE®.


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